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Safeguarding a Major Investment

If you are upgrading or replacing your gutters, the qualified professionals at Greenway Home Maintenance will help you make informed choices about the changes you need. Few people ever give their gutters a second thought until some serious repairs are needed. If repairs to leaky or broken gutters are needed quickly, we often try to patch the problem and this could lead to repairs that may not fix the problem at all.
There are four types of materials that are used in making gutters. Greenway Home Maintenance is familiar with your area, the architecture and special considerations such as the pines and oak trees in the Sierra foothill communities. We can help you to avoid using the wrong type of gutter. When you are choosing your gutters, it’s important to know about the materials used and how they will be affected by your local weather conditions. If you live in Eastern Sacramento County or El Dorado County in the communities of El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Rescue, Cool, Coloma, Pilot Hil, Placerville, Shingle Springs, Diamond Springs, Camino, Pollock Pines, Granite Bay, Cold Springs and Latrobe. Call us. We also serve Placer County residents in the Rocklin and Roseville area. Estimates are free, satisfaction guaranteed, and discounts available.

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Making an Informed Decision

Lightweight materials such as aluminum and vinyl are easily fitted to your home. When aluminum gutters are being installed on your home, some applications require special equipment that shapes and custom cuts the gutter for a perfect fit. Many people choose aluminum gutters because of the reduced cost and speed of installation. Aluminum gutters are the standard for most new home construction.
Another choice is steel, which is much stronger, and is often used on existing homes. Unlike aluminum, steel is less likely to be damaged by wind, ice or debris. These gutters are more expensive than aluminum but in areas with extreme climate changes they will hold up better than most gutter materials. This is not normally a choice for Northern California roof gutter and downspout installations.
Sometimes zinc and copper are used for gutters, though this tends to be for special projects. As they change colors with age, they give older homes an elegant look and are often used as architectural fascia on these homes. One major problem with these materials is that they are much more vulnerable to climate conditions and may crack in very cold weather. Greenway Home Maintenance will be able to help you determine what type of material will work best for you.
The reliability of your new gutter system is important, so a Greenway Home Maintenance representative will assist you in deciding what needs to be included to ensure this. Generally, brackets are used to join together ten-foot sections of gutter, which then meet at the downspouts of your gutter system. If the sections are not connected properly, they can leak and cause damage to your siding, fascia, or other parts of your house beneath the gutter. Brackets supporting the gutters are connected directly to your house. Greenway Home Maintenance can determine the best placement for these. Screens are used to keep leaves, bird nests and other debris from blocking the gutters and special supports will help the gutter maintain its shape.

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Keeping Your Gutters in Good Condition

There are specific items you can include with your gutter installation to avoid the common problems of debris build-up and even help prevent damage. But, even with these added features you will need to have yearly maintenance done on your gutters. Don’t put off calling Greenway Home Maintenance if you see any leaks or drips where there shouldn’t be any. If you delay in calling for help it could prove to be very expensive and cause more damage to your home.
Get Greenway to install gutter screens if you trees close to your home. Gutter screens are simply a mesh type material placed over the open top of the gutter. It does not block rain from getting into the gutter, but it does prevent leaves and debris from dropping in. In addition, if you live in an area where there are a lot of roosting birds, the gutter screen will prevent them from building nests in the gutters. Nesting birds cause lot of damage to the gutters, siding and fascia of a home. Greenway Home Maintenance will install gutter screen to cover the entire length of your gutter as well as the top of your drain spout so that debris does not get stuck in your drain spout. The screen just slides on top of gutter. In some cases it fits just below the top of the gutter.
Even with screens, your gutters will need yearly maintenance. Our inspector will check for leaks, weak areas or clogs in the gutter. In addition to causing damage to your gutter and home, water accumulation in the gutter provides the perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed.

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A Partner You Can Rely On

A knowledgeable partner is very important in helping you decide the best options when you are selecting materials, accessories and installation. Greenway Home Maintenance will work with you in making the right decisions. Material selections offered will suit your climate and weather conditions and can be the key to the success of your gutters. Greenway Home Maintenance will help you make that decision with certainty.
Let us help determine the positioning of the downspouts for you. We will advise you if you might have problems with birds and the type of debris you’ll need to watch out for. Using the information provided, you can decide on the best gutter screens, brackets and supports that will make your gutters reliable for any kind of weather. In addition, Greenway Home Maintenance will help you to set up a maintenance schedule that will provide you with regular checks of your gutters to assure that no leaks appear. Your home is a major investment. Protect it by calling a professional and knowledgeable partner, Greenway Home Maintenance today.

Did you know?

You have several options when choosing a gutter system for your new home or replacing the gutters and downspouts on your existing residence.

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Steel Gutters - Steel Gutters are the strongest of the many guttering systems and holds up to the elements better than any other material choice. The problem with steel is that it requires periodic treatment to avoid rust.

Copper Gutters - Durability and beauty are coppers strength. Copper changes color over time so when choosing this option, consider the gutter you are installing today will look very different over time. From an architectural point, nothing comes close to the look.

Aluminum Gutters - Popular, reasonably priced and light weight, Aluminum is the choice of most homes and homeowners but even with maintenance will not last like the heavier metals.

Vinyl Gutters - Vinyl gutters are popular, because of the colors, the weight, and low maintenance. The drawbacks though are significant as Vinyl is affected by high and low temperature extremes.



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